Student from Slovakia in Baku

The Honorary Consulate of Azerbaijan supports students and academic workers  who are interested in Azerbaijan or are involved in studies concerning this country. The first result of the active cooperation between Azerbaijan and Slovakia in the education field is the realization of the internship of a Slovak student in Azerbaijan. In 2010, the graduant of the Faculty of Arts of the Comenius University, Mr. Lukáš Rybár, M.A., attended the internship in Baku. In the course of two months, led by the professors at the Baku State University, he had been studying source-books in libraries and attending special seminars. He also visited museums and important historical monuments. This stay was undoubtly a great contribution for Rybar’s thesis Shirvan and Europe in the Middle Ages.

Thanks for the scholarly support belongs to the professor Miroslav Daniš, docent Azad Rzayev, the collective of the Faculty of History at the Baku State University and the principalship of the University.

Thanks for the financial and organizational support belongs to the Embassy of Azerbaijan Republic in Vienna and the Honorary Consulate of Azerbaijan Republic in Bratislava.

What did Mr. Rybar say about Azerbaijan?

Azerbaijan impressed me with its nature and wealth of culture and history. I spent most of the time in Baku. I think it is a very beautiful and historically rich city. Azerbaijanis are very nice and hospitable. They can be proud of their tasty cuisine that I find very delicious. As it is a muslim country, their culture and mentality is a lot different from ours, Central European. I, as a young historian, find observing such cultural differences very interesting and important at the same time. Information and ideas about this geographical area in our country are not very clear nor complex. I believe that my work will enrich not only the academic, but also general knowledge about this region. I recommend Azerbaijan as a tourist destination for everyone who is interested in foreign cultures and wants to visit new and interesting countries.

Some photographs from the graduant’s album:

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